Studio Onyx SYX Makeup Party


This weekend I had so much fun checking out a new private makeup line carried by some friends at their salon, Studio Onyx (Check them out on facebook HERE).  Their makeup brand SYX is fantastic!  I have been kind of obsessed with makeup looks since I was a little girl and it just never gets old, so I was having a hay day!  Ashley and Kristen are both hair stylists and makeup artists and they gave us all amazing tips from highlighting and contouring, to why you absolutely NEED to have an eye shadow primer, and what types of brushes to use.  They will also be hopefully helping me out with some video tutorials for you all in the future too!   I bought the eye shadow primer and also the blush they use to do highlighting and contouring.  Ashley also recommended a go to brush – MAC’s 216, which is a double ended brush that she says is perfect for doing a smokey eye.  I’ll probably be getting one of these too!  I loved capturing all of the images from the party below as everyone got all glammed up!  So stinkin’ pretty – enjoy!!











eyemakeup up close

5 Minute Air Dry Beachy Hair :)


Beachy hair today ya’ll!  This is my go to lazy Friday style 🙂  Seriously, this takes me a grand total of 3-5 minutes and I let it air dry on my drive to work.  Easy, right!!  All you moms out there this is a perfect style for you -or those of us like me who are always running a few mintues late , you know who you are 😉  I am working on a video tutorial of how I do this for next week so stay tuned… 🙂 🙂

Have an amazing weekend everyone, I hope to get some snowboarding in – we just recorded about 8 inches last night at our local ski area – can’t wait!  Whatever you’re doing be safe – and have fun! Cya! 🙂

Winter Hair Care


Winter can be SO harsh on your hair.  But, there is one big bonus (my favorite)- no humidity!  Despite not having to deal with frizzy-ness from humidity, your hair can start to get too dry and brittle.  Here are my best tips to share with you all 🙂

1.  Don’t over-wash your hair.  You do need that pesky oil to keep your locks looking shiny and healthy.  Sometimes, I have the urge to wash my hair too much but it is ok to let your hair go for a day and try to train your scalp to even out its oil production.  The reason my hair seems to get oily so quickly is because frequent washing strips your scalp of it’s natural oils and in turn it overcompensates to try balance out.  Don’t play with your hair too much either, it will get greasy the more you touch it so – hands off!  I use the weekends to let my hair washings spread out a bit and I can tell my hair feels better afterwards!  I also just invested in a good dry shampoo.  I haven’t had a chance to try it as much as I would like but I will fill you in!  If you have light or blonde hair, baby powder works great as well.

2.  Don’t bleach too much.  Frequent processing on your hair makes it extremely brittle and it will break.  Thank goodness that ombre hair is in right! Now it’s totally in style to let those roots grow out and have that natural “I just let my sun-kissed hair grow out from the summer look”.  If this just isn’t your style try an all over color or go for some low lights 🙂  Want more darker hair inspiration?? Check out my Pinterest boards HERE, and look through my “Locks and Looks” or “Dress Me” boards.

3.  Let your blow dryer and flattening iron take a little hiatus.  It’s ok to let your hair air dry once in a while.  If you have naturally curly hair like mine I simply throw some product in and let it go.  I actually like to use a pomade.  Ha! Believe it or not I steal from my hubby’s hair products.   The Got2B pomade (HERE) gives you a non-frizzy wave that isn’t crunchy, and you don’t need to use a lot.   Those beachy natural waves are in people!   If you do often blow dry your hair check out the split-end treatment I shared on my Must Have Products post HERE.  I have already had one reader of the blog share that they absolutely loved this product!

4.  Schedule a trip to your stylist.  Getting a frequent trim will keep your hair healthier and they can suggest the best products to deal with every type of hair.  They have the best expertise and knowledge and you should take advantage of that.

Good luck, hope these tips help!

Animal Print & Mint


Spring is in the air…..I wish! But, I can still wear mint green pants and pretend, right?? 🙂  Here I’ve paired a little animal print and camel colored riding boots.  I also add a pop of mint with my earrings.  With all of this winter weather and snow we’ve been experiencing lately I needed a little color in my wardrobe.  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend – I know I did 🙂 My husband and I, and our close friends Jon and Ashley went to spend the weekend up north at my parents’ cottage and we had a blast!  We enjoyed some amazing fare, did lots of wine tasting (maybe too much) and saw some spectacular views of the bay up in Traverse City, MI.  It was a little get away to celebrate my birthday that is today! Getting older sure it great – I don’t have any apprehension, every day is truly a gift.  When you look at life that way it’s hard not to be positive 😉

Let’s start the week of great shall we?!  Happy Monday friends!


DSC_6870 copy

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AMAZING Streak Free, Natural Looking Sunless Tanner


I recently purchased a new SUNLESS tanning lotion after reading recommendations of others and watching some video testimonials.  I have tried it and love it!!  It is called Sun Labs Very Dark Self Tanning Lotion.  It’s  tinted so that you can see exactly where you are applying it and it will give you a glow almost immediately.  After 3 hours you will reach your darkest color.  I have tried many other tanning lotions and I feel that this provides the most natural looking color, least amount of streaks, and nicest transition on hands and feet.

I only purchased the tanning lotion, they also offer an exfoliant and a tan extending lotion.  Again with my baking soda obsession, but I use that to exfoliate my whole body.  Please note – you absolutely need to do this otherwise you will get an uneven tan.  And to finish, I simply use the Nivea lotion from my Must Have Products post to help extend my tan – it works great!

Sun labs recommends and I do to, that you apply the lotion at night before bed after you shower and exfoliate.  There will be some slight uneven-ness from application but once you shower that will even out.  I noticed that my hands and feet also had nice color and they did not look orange or uneven (which is awesome!).  Be careful during application your palms will look super dark.  You can try using disposable rubber gloves – I have not yet, but someone recommended that to me.  I make sure I use baking soda and scrub my hands VERY WELL after applying the lotion.  I  made sure to apply the lotion to my hands and feet paying special attention that it was rubbed in well and distributed evenly.

This tanning lotion is Paraben free.  So what are Parabens anyway?  Well in basic terms, they are an additive found in many cosmetics and food products that help preserve and improve the life of the product.  However, there is debate on their safety.  While the FDA maintains that they are safe for use in cosmetics and food, there have been studies linking parabens to cancer.  Parabens have also been found in breast cancer tumors.  Parabens react to the body like an artificial estrogen and some argue that can contribute to the likelihood one will develop breast cancer.  What you feel to be safe – is ultimately up to YOU.  My thoughts on the topic – better safe than sorry 🙂

I can’t just end this post here.  This past month, our best friend Jon lost his 23 year old sister Jillian, to Melanoma skin cancer.   It’s been devastating on him, his mother, siblings, and everyone who knew and loved her.  She was a tanner and like most of us didn’t know the risks.  Believe it or not, Melanoma is the fastest growing cancer among young adults.   If you have used or use a tanning bed you are 75% more likely to develop Melanoma skin cancer.  Not to mention, if you have blonde hair, blue eyes, or a lot of moles, you are even more at risk.  Ever since we found out 3 1/2 years ago Jillian had Melanoma, I vowed I would never step foot into a tanning bed again.  I haven’t since and I NEVER will.  In the summer, I ALWAYS apply SPF 50 lotion – religiously.   Please, please you need to take this seriously – it could happen, to you, to me, to someone you know, or someone you care about.  Please help me in educating the world that tanning is literally TOXIC for your body – and keep people (teens especially) out of them!   If you want to learn more check out the non-profit Jilly’s Jems.  Jilly’s Jems was created by Jillian’s mother and she advocates for Melanoma Skin Cancer Awareness HERE.  Our friend Jon also has started his own blog, The Melanoma Ripple Effect, about his experience that you can check out HERE.

That is all, I will step down from my soap box.  Now you all have a fantastic and fun weekend friends!

Ten Ways to make the MOST OF WINTER!


1.  Bundle up and head out for a walk, check out your local trails or beaches.  Chances are you don’t often see their beauty in winter months.

 2.  Learn a new winter sport, whether skiing or snowboarding or both.  You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and get a non-traditional workout.
3.  Check out those pubs, breweries, and wineries you’ve been wanting to.  Or head out to some local shops.  It’s always a blast to head to the nearest mainstreet, with a cup of coffee in hand to check out some unique shops.  Then, grab some lunch or sip some wine or microbrews at dinner and just make the most of it.
4.  Snuggle up, with your loved ones with a cup of Joe, or cocoa.  Next to a fire is a bonus, but not a requirement.  Take some time to enjoy some really epic conversation – it’s a relationship builder.


5.  Read some amazing books.  Oh, and/or articles – you will be surprised what you can learn.  Check out the Pulse or Flipbook apps for your smart phone.

 6.  Head to the cottage (or hotel, indoor waterpark, ski resort). Whether it’s for some relaxation and solitude, time with the family, or to enjoy some winter sports, it just feels nice to get away.
7. Do something nice for someone else, without expecting any reciprocation.  Boy, it sure does feel good to do a little volunteering, or buying a friend a cup of coffee or lunch.  Or send someone a nice letter or email.  Let someone know how much you appreciate them, life it too short.


8.  Master a new skill.  Maybe try sewing, crafting,  or photography.  Take on online class, or attend a workshop.  It may seem like the days are immensely shorter but there’s always plenty of time to learn a new skill.

 9.  Bring out those cards and board games with friends and family.   Sometimes all it takes is a little dusting off and you realize how much you enjoyed them in the first place.
10.  Spruce up, clean, and/or organize your home. It can feel so good to switch up a paint color, clean out a closet, or just give your home a good cleaning (who needs to wait for spring?) Get these things out of the way and you can enjoy your summer months knowing they are complete.  Not to mention, then you can tackle outdoor projects come spring/summer.


My product MUST HAVES!


I know at times I spend a half hour in the aisle at the store trying to pick out a hair or makeup product.  The whole time I am wondering if what I pick will actually work or be worth it.  My This Styled Wife product must haves are items I use on a daily basis and LOVE!!  Let me save you the time, and tell you the tried and true items that really are worth the money.  Let’s be real people I AM CHEAP when it comes to hair and makeup products!  I don’t like to spend a bundle, but I want my products to be effective.  To top it off almost all of these products are items you can find at your local grocery or drug  store so you can even pick them up while you are grocery shopping.  Easy peasy, right!

1.  NEUTROGENA BODY CLEAR BODY SCRUB  –  This is my NUMBER ONE favorite item.  I use this every day in the shower.  I am a person who tends to get razor burn very easily.  The Salicylic Acid in this body wash not only helps curb the occasional body blemish but it acts as a disinfectant.  That means it kills bacteria on your skin.  When it kills bacteria on your skin it keeps the bacteria from getting in your pores and causing those yucky red bumps no one loves.  This has immensely cut down on my razor burn.  Plus, the exfoliating beads in it help keep your skin looking fresh.  I shave first and then lather up with this magic in a bottle 😉

2.  COVERGIRL LASH BLAST VOLUME MASCARA  –  This is my favorite mascara and I have tried too many to count.  Some are too clumpy, some don’t separate the lash.  This mascara however, is fabulous!  I apply 2-3 coats and in between I let my lashes get tacky before I reapply.  This mascara almost make it look like you have falsies – your lashes will be full and crisp not clumpy.  Be careful though – do not buy the 24 hr. or Waterproof unless you use makeup remover – otherwise it’s like cement.

3.  MAYBELLINE COLOR TATTOO EYE SHADOW   –  This is basically a mousse like shadow that goes on and has amazing shimmer!  And, bonus, it lasts all day. This has a dramatic and yet perfect shimmer and  literally takes 2 seconds to apply!  I have the Copper and Bad to the Bronze is my favorite (shown).  You can use a brush for this, but you will want to designate a special brush because it will be hard to get this out.  You can use your finger too, which is what I do just to quickly sweep across the lid.  I usually add a darker shadow to the outside corner of my eyes to add some depth and a light shimmer on the inside corners (see below).


4.  TRESEMME SPLIT REMEDY  –  I use this product every time I blow dry my hair straight.  It keeps my ends from looking fuzzy and smooths out my hair. I have VERY naturally curly hair that likes to be fluffy and frizzy underneath.  Ha, someday I’ll have to post a no makeup no blowdry hair day – that’ll be entertaining for you all, lol!  When applying I only use about two pumps and smooth it in the ends and pay attention to under my hair to minimize flyaways and frizz.  I love this, it makes my hair feel very silky smooth!

5.  BIG SEXY HAIR ROOT PUMP MOUSSE (Available in your salon) –   Another must every time I blow dry my hair.  I should truly do a tutorial of no root pump and with it’s ASTONISHING! My dear friend and hairstylist Michele recommended this product to me and I am so thankful!  I take a half dollar size and apply to my roots and then blow dry.  Since my hair is so naturally curly I begin by blow drying underneath and round brushing the top so it doesn’t frizz and then I flip my hair upside down and finish my blow dry for added body 🙂   BIG TIP: Most great hairstyles begin with a great cut!  If you want that full body Victoria’s Secret Hair, it will be hard to achieve if you have little to no layers.  Find a great educated stylist, because that is WELL WORTH the money trust me!

6.  NIVEA BODY ESSENTIALLY ENRICHED BODY LOTION  –  This stuff is a miracle worker, especially right now during the winter because my skin gets SO dry!  It is incredibly thick and you can really feel it sinking in as opposed to other lotions.  It also leaves your skin with a nice glow, which looks great on my legs right now because otherwise they are pale and chalky…yuck.  But, I am trying a new Self Tanner this weekend so we shall see if we can add a little bronze to spice up these pale winter months!!  Speaking of winter and dry skin,  if you haven’t seen my post on Baking Soda and how I use it as an AMAZING exfoliant for my face you can check it out HERE!  I also share many other household uses 🙂

Disclaimer:  I post the links of products so you can see approximate prices (Amazon). I do not have any knowledge of their authenticity, nor do I encourage you to purchase these products from the links.   It’s probably easiest and safest to buy in your local grocery store, drug store, or salon.

Well, I hope I’ve made your beauty product shopping just a little easier.  As always feel free to ask me any questions or also share products you truly love so we can all enjoy! Happy Thursday friends!! 🙂

Infinity Scarf Giveaway Winner :)

Thank you so much to all of you who entered the geezOpiet scarf giveaway last week and over the weekend!!  I had my husband help me anonymously draw a name out of a hat (very official, of course :).  I am so happy to share with you that the winner was Lauren! Lauren, you’re going to love it 🙂  Winners of my giveaways can claim their item by sending me an email or commenting back.   Thanks again everybody, can’t wait to do another giveaway soon!  Have a great Monday, and don’t forget to check out geezOpiet on facebook and see all of the fun items she creates! 🙂


Sequins and Comfort

Oooohh boy have I been wanting to add some sparkle to my wardrobe.  And I finally have with this darling sequined skirt.  I love that you can pair something so glamorous as a sequined skirt with a comfy loose fitting sweater and it so perfectly works together. So simple, so chic. I’ll be throwing this on for a night out on the town with the girls, or for a date with the hubby.  I love a little glitz in my life 🙂  Want to see more like this?  You can check out and view my Pinterest boards on the right hand side and see lots of different pairings similar to this.  Oh and don’t forget to enter the Infinity Scarf Giveaway from Wednesday HERE.  I’ll be accepting entries through Sunday 🙂

Have a great weekend XOXO!




Dolman Double V Sweater: Express (Similar HERE)

Body Con Gold Sequined Skirt: Charlotte Russe (Check it out HERE)

Sueded Black Pumps: Charlotte Russe (In-Store Only, Similar HERE)

Everyday leather and Infinity Scarf GIVEAWAY!

So….it turns I really am kind of digging leather right now!  But, this is an entirely different take on leather. Lumberjack chic??  Lol.  I adore this more casual look – perfect for a comfy Saturday or whatever you like (I rocked it at the grocery store, yep really)!  Also, today is the day to enter my very first GIVEAWAY!  I love the infinity scarf I am wearing below and not only is it lovely it’s hand made by geezOpiet.  It is extremely warm and cozy and would be perfect for anyone’s winter wear!

Here’s how to enter for the Infinity Scarf Giveaway

Entries accepted until 12 a.m. eastern time 1/20/13

1. Like This Styled Wife on facebook  HERE (If you haven’t already)

2.  Like geezOpiet on facebook  HERE

3.  Leave a comment on this post below telling me how you would wear the scarf 🙂

That’s it!

I will be having the hubby help me pick a random winner on Sunday and I will announce the winner on the blog on Monday, January 21st.

I hope you all enter, Happy Wednesday!





Flannel Button Down: Thrift

Long t-shirt: Amazon (Check it out HERE)

Crocheted Infinity Scarf: geezOpiet (Check them out HERE)

Black Faux Leather Leggings: Charlotte Russe ( Check it out HERE)

Ankle Moto Boots: Target, (Check it out HERE)

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