Capturing Those Everyday Moments

So I’ve been a  inspired to do a little more lately…. I recently came across (and maybe you did too) a photographer’s photos of her son in every day life that are so simple and yet so strikingly beautiful and captivating.  Now, bear in mind they are heavily photo-shopped, but still they blow me away.  They are done by Elena Shumilova,and you can check out her facebook page to see what I am talking about.   I would love to be able to capture my son’s life in a beautiful way too.  I hope to capture those every day moments and display them in a way that shows just how truly spectacular they are.  I picked up my camera after bath time the other day, I just love watching Ford grow, explore, and learn.

How incredible to see life through the eyes of a child once again….






I’m posting these while I’m inside staying warm, riding out the latest snowfall  and doing what I love.  I hope you are doing the same this Saturday.

Much love, Ashley 🙂

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