It’s more than a bank holiday -reflecting on MLK Day

As I think about the kind of person Martin Luther King Jr. was I am wondering what kind of person am I? I believe Martin Luther would want us all to take this day to reflect on our own characters, and not just his. 

I choose to commemorate this day remembering it takes unimaginable courage to be different.  No matter whether it is due to race, religion, sexual orientation, ability or disability. How easy it is to fall in line with those around you even if it means doing,believing, and professing the wrong thing.  Do what you feel IN YOUR HEARTS to be right with others, and the world around you.  It is often times the most difficult thing to do, but the most rewarding in the end.  Love one another fully (even if you disagree) and take some time to help those in need.  If I had only one ounce of the bravery, courage, and confidence in my moral compass as Martin Luther King Jr. what a person I would be. 

Going forward this day is a reminder to stand up for those who have been marginalized, keeping in mind that others have dedicated their lives for the betterment and freedom of us all.  I strive to never take that for granted. 

Have a wonderful week, and I hope that you find MLK Day to be more than just a bank and work holiday my friends…. 🙂

2 thoughts on “It’s more than a bank holiday -reflecting on MLK Day

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