Kitchen Updates That Go a Long Way


Over that last few years, my kitchen has been the one thing I have wanted to update within my home.  I’ve toyed with the idea of painting the cabinets, over and over.  Sometimes, I think white – but it seems so, so overdone.  Or then there’s an olive green or possibly a gray.  I don’t love the maple clear coat we have on our cabinets, but they are such nice quality, that I just hate to paint them.  I’t’s been a dilemma of mine, sure to continue for a while until I make a decision.

But, that being said I still wanted to give our kitchen a face lift as our home will be 10 years old this fall.  So, my husband and I finally decided that we would get a new back splash.  Of course, that  turned in to new cabinet hardware, a new faucet, and a new pendant light!  All of this delighted my husband so much…, no not really lol.  But, I love all of the updates and they were easy for us to do quickly (I have no patience!) .   And to top it off, I think they can update your kitchen immensely without spending thousands of dollars getting new cabinets, or spending tons of time painting.

We did hire out the back splash installation because the glass subway tiles are tricky to do yourself, and unless you are extremely handy don’t attempt!  I replaced all the knobs myself and even installed the pendant light because it is the kind you simply screw into an existing can light.  I love these as an alternative to hiring an electrician to re-wire your home and it’s a quick and relatively inexpensive change.  You can check out the one I have HERE.

Even if you have just a small budget, changing out the knobs can make a big impact and give your space and entirely different feel.  Happy decorating all!!





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