Animal Print & Mint


Spring is in the air…..I wish! But, I can still wear mint green pants and pretend, right?? 🙂  Here I’ve paired a little animal print and camel colored riding boots.  I also add a pop of mint with my earrings.  With all of this winter weather and snow we’ve been experiencing lately I needed a little color in my wardrobe.  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend – I know I did 🙂 My husband and I, and our close friends Jon and Ashley went to spend the weekend up north at my parents’ cottage and we had a blast!  We enjoyed some amazing fare, did lots of wine tasting (maybe too much) and saw some spectacular views of the bay up in Traverse City, MI.  It was a little get away to celebrate my birthday that is today! Getting older sure it great – I don’t have any apprehension, every day is truly a gift.  When you look at life that way it’s hard not to be positive 😉

Let’s start the week of great shall we?!  Happy Monday friends!


DSC_6870 copy

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3 thoughts on “Animal Print & Mint

  1. Hi there! Loving your blog, my name is Katie Elliott I am the creator of Tag a ( The website works like this: each week I announce a new fashion trend, and people then tag themselves on Facebook wearing that trend. This is done by tagging their picture with the Tag a Trend Facebook page.
    The other option is to directly add your pics to the facebook wall at or to email pics to The best pics then appear on my site.
    This week’s is ‘Leopard Print’ and as I can see you are loving the trend, I thought you might be interested in getting involved and tagging yourself in this fab print. The picture will appear on both my site and Facebook (both with a direct link back to your blog.)
    Look forward to hearing from you!

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