AMAZING Streak Free, Natural Looking Sunless Tanner


I recently purchased a new SUNLESS tanning lotion after reading recommendations of others and watching some video testimonials.  I have tried it and love it!!  It is called Sun Labs Very Dark Self Tanning Lotion.  It’s  tinted so that you can see exactly where you are applying it and it will give you a glow almost immediately.  After 3 hours you will reach your darkest color.  I have tried many other tanning lotions and I feel that this provides the most natural looking color, least amount of streaks, and nicest transition on hands and feet.

I only purchased the tanning lotion, they also offer an exfoliant and a tan extending lotion.  Again with my baking soda obsession, but I use that to exfoliate my whole body.  Please note – you absolutely need to do this otherwise you will get an uneven tan.  And to finish, I simply use the Nivea lotion from my Must Have Products post to help extend my tan – it works great!

Sun labs recommends and I do to, that you apply the lotion at night before bed after you shower and exfoliate.  There will be some slight uneven-ness from application but once you shower that will even out.  I noticed that my hands and feet also had nice color and they did not look orange or uneven (which is awesome!).  Be careful during application your palms will look super dark.  You can try using disposable rubber gloves – I have not yet, but someone recommended that to me.  I make sure I use baking soda and scrub my hands VERY WELL after applying the lotion.  I  made sure to apply the lotion to my hands and feet paying special attention that it was rubbed in well and distributed evenly.

This tanning lotion is Paraben free.  So what are Parabens anyway?  Well in basic terms, they are an additive found in many cosmetics and food products that help preserve and improve the life of the product.  However, there is debate on their safety.  While the FDA maintains that they are safe for use in cosmetics and food, there have been studies linking parabens to cancer.  Parabens have also been found in breast cancer tumors.  Parabens react to the body like an artificial estrogen and some argue that can contribute to the likelihood one will develop breast cancer.  What you feel to be safe – is ultimately up to YOU.  My thoughts on the topic – better safe than sorry 🙂

I can’t just end this post here.  This past month, our best friend Jon lost his 23 year old sister Jillian, to Melanoma skin cancer.   It’s been devastating on him, his mother, siblings, and everyone who knew and loved her.  She was a tanner and like most of us didn’t know the risks.  Believe it or not, Melanoma is the fastest growing cancer among young adults.   If you have used or use a tanning bed you are 75% more likely to develop Melanoma skin cancer.  Not to mention, if you have blonde hair, blue eyes, or a lot of moles, you are even more at risk.  Ever since we found out 3 1/2 years ago Jillian had Melanoma, I vowed I would never step foot into a tanning bed again.  I haven’t since and I NEVER will.  In the summer, I ALWAYS apply SPF 50 lotion – religiously.   Please, please you need to take this seriously – it could happen, to you, to me, to someone you know, or someone you care about.  Please help me in educating the world that tanning is literally TOXIC for your body – and keep people (teens especially) out of them!   If you want to learn more check out the non-profit Jilly’s Jems.  Jilly’s Jems was created by Jillian’s mother and she advocates for Melanoma Skin Cancer Awareness HERE.  Our friend Jon also has started his own blog, The Melanoma Ripple Effect, about his experience that you can check out HERE.

That is all, I will step down from my soap box.  Now you all have a fantastic and fun weekend friends!

2 thoughts on “AMAZING Streak Free, Natural Looking Sunless Tanner

    • Just daily afterwards, you want to give the tanner time to dry. I recommend applying at night before bed and then showering in the morning and applying lotion after that. Anything else just ask 🙂 Thanks!

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