Ten Ways to make the MOST OF WINTER!


1.  Bundle up and head out for a walk, check out your local trails or beaches.  Chances are you don’t often see their beauty in winter months.

 2.  Learn a new winter sport, whether skiing or snowboarding or both.  You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and get a non-traditional workout.
3.  Check out those pubs, breweries, and wineries you’ve been wanting to.  Or head out to some local shops.  It’s always a blast to head to the nearest mainstreet, with a cup of coffee in hand to check out some unique shops.  Then, grab some lunch or sip some wine or microbrews at dinner and just make the most of it.
4.  Snuggle up, with your loved ones with a cup of Joe, or cocoa.  Next to a fire is a bonus, but not a requirement.  Take some time to enjoy some really epic conversation – it’s a relationship builder.


5.  Read some amazing books.  Oh, and/or articles – you will be surprised what you can learn.  Check out the Pulse or Flipbook apps for your smart phone.

 6.  Head to the cottage (or hotel, indoor waterpark, ski resort). Whether it’s for some relaxation and solitude, time with the family, or to enjoy some winter sports, it just feels nice to get away.
7. Do something nice for someone else, without expecting any reciprocation.  Boy, it sure does feel good to do a little volunteering, or buying a friend a cup of coffee or lunch.  Or send someone a nice letter or email.  Let someone know how much you appreciate them, life it too short.


8.  Master a new skill.  Maybe try sewing, crafting,  or photography.  Take on online class, or attend a workshop.  It may seem like the days are immensely shorter but there’s always plenty of time to learn a new skill.

 9.  Bring out those cards and board games with friends and family.   Sometimes all it takes is a little dusting off and you realize how much you enjoyed them in the first place.
10.  Spruce up, clean, and/or organize your home. It can feel so good to switch up a paint color, clean out a closet, or just give your home a good cleaning (who needs to wait for spring?) Get these things out of the way and you can enjoy your summer months knowing they are complete.  Not to mention, then you can tackle outdoor projects come spring/summer.


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