My product MUST HAVES!


I know at times I spend a half hour in the aisle at the store trying to pick out a hair or makeup product.  The whole time I am wondering if what I pick will actually work or be worth it.  My This Styled Wife product must haves are items I use on a daily basis and LOVE!!  Let me save you the time, and tell you the tried and true items that really are worth the money.  Let’s be real people I AM CHEAP when it comes to hair and makeup products!  I don’t like to spend a bundle, but I want my products to be effective.  To top it off almost all of these products are items you can find at your local grocery or drug  store so you can even pick them up while you are grocery shopping.  Easy peasy, right!

1.  NEUTROGENA BODY CLEAR BODY SCRUB  –  This is my NUMBER ONE favorite item.  I use this every day in the shower.  I am a person who tends to get razor burn very easily.  The Salicylic Acid in this body wash not only helps curb the occasional body blemish but it acts as a disinfectant.  That means it kills bacteria on your skin.  When it kills bacteria on your skin it keeps the bacteria from getting in your pores and causing those yucky red bumps no one loves.  This has immensely cut down on my razor burn.  Plus, the exfoliating beads in it help keep your skin looking fresh.  I shave first and then lather up with this magic in a bottle 😉

2.  COVERGIRL LASH BLAST VOLUME MASCARA  –  This is my favorite mascara and I have tried too many to count.  Some are too clumpy, some don’t separate the lash.  This mascara however, is fabulous!  I apply 2-3 coats and in between I let my lashes get tacky before I reapply.  This mascara almost make it look like you have falsies – your lashes will be full and crisp not clumpy.  Be careful though – do not buy the 24 hr. or Waterproof unless you use makeup remover – otherwise it’s like cement.

3.  MAYBELLINE COLOR TATTOO EYE SHADOW   –  This is basically a mousse like shadow that goes on and has amazing shimmer!  And, bonus, it lasts all day. This has a dramatic and yet perfect shimmer and  literally takes 2 seconds to apply!  I have the Copper and Bad to the Bronze is my favorite (shown).  You can use a brush for this, but you will want to designate a special brush because it will be hard to get this out.  You can use your finger too, which is what I do just to quickly sweep across the lid.  I usually add a darker shadow to the outside corner of my eyes to add some depth and a light shimmer on the inside corners (see below).


4.  TRESEMME SPLIT REMEDY  –  I use this product every time I blow dry my hair straight.  It keeps my ends from looking fuzzy and smooths out my hair. I have VERY naturally curly hair that likes to be fluffy and frizzy underneath.  Ha, someday I’ll have to post a no makeup no blowdry hair day – that’ll be entertaining for you all, lol!  When applying I only use about two pumps and smooth it in the ends and pay attention to under my hair to minimize flyaways and frizz.  I love this, it makes my hair feel very silky smooth!

5.  BIG SEXY HAIR ROOT PUMP MOUSSE (Available in your salon) –   Another must every time I blow dry my hair.  I should truly do a tutorial of no root pump and with it’s ASTONISHING! My dear friend and hairstylist Michele recommended this product to me and I am so thankful!  I take a half dollar size and apply to my roots and then blow dry.  Since my hair is so naturally curly I begin by blow drying underneath and round brushing the top so it doesn’t frizz and then I flip my hair upside down and finish my blow dry for added body 🙂   BIG TIP: Most great hairstyles begin with a great cut!  If you want that full body Victoria’s Secret Hair, it will be hard to achieve if you have little to no layers.  Find a great educated stylist, because that is WELL WORTH the money trust me!

6.  NIVEA BODY ESSENTIALLY ENRICHED BODY LOTION  –  This stuff is a miracle worker, especially right now during the winter because my skin gets SO dry!  It is incredibly thick and you can really feel it sinking in as opposed to other lotions.  It also leaves your skin with a nice glow, which looks great on my legs right now because otherwise they are pale and chalky…yuck.  But, I am trying a new Self Tanner this weekend so we shall see if we can add a little bronze to spice up these pale winter months!!  Speaking of winter and dry skin,  if you haven’t seen my post on Baking Soda and how I use it as an AMAZING exfoliant for my face you can check it out HERE!  I also share many other household uses 🙂

Disclaimer:  I post the links of products so you can see approximate prices (Amazon). I do not have any knowledge of their authenticity, nor do I encourage you to purchase these products from the links.   It’s probably easiest and safest to buy in your local grocery store, drug store, or salon.

Well, I hope I’ve made your beauty product shopping just a little easier.  As always feel free to ask me any questions or also share products you truly love so we can all enjoy! Happy Thursday friends!! 🙂

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