Setting a Course for Success

Successful people

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What does it mean to be successful?  I think the answer to that question is ultimately up to you; but, I think there are some general characteristics that set a successful and an unsuccessful person apart.  With 2013 just beginning, it is extremely relevant to say that one extremely important aspect of being successful is setting goals – not resolutions.  Resolutions are easy to put on the wayside whereas goals are set up for every day, and not just with the start of a new year.  Which is why I love the saying – “Don’t leave for tomorrow what can be done today.”  I often hear people say I am going to start doing this on this day or I will start my diet on this day.  WHAT??!! Why wouldn’t you start now?  If you already presume a start and an end you probably are creating resolutions, not goals. So quit procrastinating (yes, you) and sit down and spend 15 minutes hashing out some goals.  And by all means keep adding to them!

How can I make my goals work for me and me work for them?  Start small.  Set up a series of clearly-defined goals, some that are more short-term and some that are long-term.  If you set goals that seem too hard or unobtainable it’s easy to become frustrated and give up. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think big but try to set some goals that are quicker to obtain.  You’ll feel better when you achieve those and continue on towards your longer-term goals.  Make sure you write your  goals down.  If you can’t remember what some of the goals you set are because you didn’t write them down, clearly you will not obtain them.  Also, keep your goals in front of you daily – whether it’s on the fridge at home or on your computer screen at work.   If you see them every day you are more likely to stay focused and on-track.   Lastly, tell your goals to someone or share them with co-workers, family etc.  The more people that  know about your goals the more likely they will help you keep accountable.  And most likely, you won’t want to let others down and that will help you work towards your goals as well.

Remember, goal setting and being successful IS for you! Over a year ago, I would have never believed I could actually start my photography business, maintain my own blog, or a healthy-eating lifestyle.  But I GAVE UP ON my fears and stopped worrying that I wouldn’t be able to do these things.  I had to stop thinking about all the negative reasons why something wouldn’t work and focus on one reason why it would.  Stop being afraid of failure and consequences- they are a VITAL and NECESSARY part of success.  Stop trying to please everyone else, and focus on yourself. Stop watching t.v.  Stop comparing where you are now to someone who started 5 years ealier – you WILL get there.  You are completely worthy of obtaining all of your dreams.  So here is my advice to you – be open minded, believe that ANYTHING is possible, THINK BIG (really big), stay grateful, and be WILLING TO LEARN and yet forget everything you’ve ever known about life.  Only then, will you meet your goals and follow your dreams.

Let’s make this week great friends 🙂


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