Keep it Simple Stupid – we all remember learning this from middle school, and it is GREAT advice!   Many times when it comes to clothing less is more (ok, to an extent).  This past Sunday, I had a photo session with a high school senior and I like to keep my outfits fun but easy, and comfortable to get around in.  I always end up rolling on the ground, getting covered in dirt and… times stepping in poop 😦   Not only was my outfit perfect to get a little messy in,  it just says weekend casual to me.  You can throw something like this together in minutes and step out the door looking polished – but certainly not overdone!

Have a fabulous day, I know I will because I’m headed to the salon and those are ALWAYS my favorite days 🙂

White oversized shirt:  Amazon, Check it out HERE  

Beige Chain Cardigan:  Amazon, Check it out HERE

Dark Navy Skinny Jeans: Target

Suede Ankle Boots: Charlotte Russe, Check it out HERE

Sunglasses: Target

Michael Kors Watch:  Amazon, Check it out HERE

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