Love THIS Look | Polyvore Creations !!

Next to Pinterest, Polyvore is my new obsession, seriously do I just like things that start with P??  With Polyvore it has never been easier to create and play with the looks you love.  You see them all the time on Pinterest and if you are like me you’ve always wondered who puts those outfits together??  Well I have discovered how to use it and oh my goodness it is so fun…and (warning) addicting!  It’s kind of a release to just shut your mind off and just create and play.  I don’t think we do enough of that now a days…

Want to follow along??  Check me out on Polyvore HERE and see my creations…I hope they inspire you to be creative and perhaps go out on a fashion limb and try something you normally wouldn’t.  I know I will be doing just that!

Here’s to a fabulous Wednesday!

One thought on “Love THIS Look | Polyvore Creations !!

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